February 7, 2016

Glue on Shoes – Big Brown has them

Big Brown the Kentucky Derby Winner has a type of shoe that is glued on to the bottom of the hoof. Now you may ask yourself why glue instead of nails?

There are several reasons that glue on shoes are preferred for some horses even big horses like Big Brown.

  • Horses that have damaged hoof walls
  • Hoof walls that are thin
  • White line disease or hoof wall separation
  • Laminitis (Founder)
  • Coffin bone fractures
  • Even hooves that have been trimmed too short and are now sore

In Big Brown’s case he had hoof wall separation and an infection (abscess) in the foot. The glue on shoes helped him recover and recover quickly. So quickly, in fact that from January when he was laid off because of the problem, he was able to come back and win the Kentucky Derby. Now he has his eyes set on the Preakness. Let see if the glue on shoes help him win that one as well.

For more information about Big Brown’s glue on shoes check out –

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“Street Sense” holistic Kentucky Derby Winner

You may have known that “Street Sense” won the Kentucky Derby. You may also know that he placed second in the Preakness and still you may know that he is not racing in the Belmont. But did you know this horse has been treated and fed in a holistic manner?

Carl Nafzger is Street Sense’s trainer and is known to be holistically minded when it comes to feeding his horses. He feeds a mushroom mix to his horses for a more calm and focused horse.

Good for him, at least there is one thing that I can be happy about the racing industry. Some trainers do care a little about their horse’s overall health OR maybe they just want to win …OK there is my cynical side again. I’ll just leave it alone.